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Crewing Management

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Through many years of experience and knowledge in all areas of crew management we are able to facilitate our client by means of a “tailor-made” crewing package or individual crewing services flexible to the different needs and requirements on the basis of culture, location and individual preference.
  • Management of seafarers
  • Flag State & STCW’95 document administration
  • Payroll Account, Wages and Allotments
  • Cash to Master
  • Crew Insurance cover under our P&I
  • Visa & Immigration requirements
  • Flights and other travel arrangements
  • Ship visits to monitor and communicate with the crew
  • Provision of working gear
  • ITF communications and negotiating partnership
  • Forward planning of all crew changes
  • A web based crewing software "Mariners" access for all clients
We only provide International crew management and associated services to the highest standards. DSPC offers complete support for the crewing of their vessels and ship-owners in all their crewing-related interests. All of our operations are ISO 9001:2008 certified.
To enhance the development of our professional seafarers to achieve their ambitions of attaining management level capabilities whilst meeting the high exacting standards of our clients, we provide training and education programs.
Recruitment of international seafarers (officers and ratings) in line with the maritime standards from associated offices in the following locations:
With ample trained seafarers, our Manning Agency network aids us to react quickly to any request from our Clients. DSPC also recognizes that human resources onboard each ship and their efficient administrations are key elements in quality operations. Furthermore, we believe that an efficient and safe operation of ship is dependent on the quality of personnel supplied. Thus, we are guaranteed that every position is filled with competent crew based to meet the expectations of our clients. The crewing department has a number of highly skilled personnel with years of experience who personally manage the vessels and communicate directly with the clients, vessels and seafarers.
We also provide Crewing Lumpsum and Crewing Costplus Services.



For further inquiries please email: crewing@doehle-mnl.com

Administration Services         More Information

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Management of Health Maintenance Program for its loyal seafarers in the Philippines.

Accounting Services


For further inquiries please e-mail: finance-admin@doehle-mnl.com

International Travel    More Information
Offer travel arrangement on time and efficient cost in a convenient way that works for your business.
DSPC has been recognized as the driving force for providing specialized travel now that majority of transactions are operationally handled in Manila. We offer centralized travel specialist operation with the highest quality of international services in order to support crew and in-house travelers.
Our organization applies skills, experience and technology to ensure that we are only offering second to none best solution to our client. Equipped with all the latest and fully automated systems, we are confident that we are bringing a reliable and seamless service. DSPC with an agile and dedicated Travel Specialist ensures that all travelers are offered the lowest available rates to the travel industry.
Our services include:
·         A cost effective professional service for all seafarers and corporate travelers
·         More practical, faster and safer travel through E-ticketing
·         Automated tools to facilitate Travel Planning
·         24/7 assistance around the world
·         End to end services
·         Emergency assistance

For further inquiries please e-mail: travel@doehle-mnl.com


Training and Education        More Information
Shore Staff Training
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Encouraging and facilitating staff training and education is a pivotal area of the Company's approach to on-going success at all levels. Training and self-improvement are part of the day-to-day philosophy that has been built into the Company values. Our Training Programme for all staff T.E.A.M (Training, Education, Awareness and Motivation) provides general, inter and intra departmental courses designed to ensure that all members of staff are aware of the operations in other areas of the business.
Sea-based Personnel Training
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Safety and Compliance
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As commitment to international quality standards, Döhle Shipmanagement Phils. Corp. (DSPC) has dedicated Documentation and Compliance Department to ensure ISO 9001:2008, MLC 2006 and other certifications (ISPS & ISM Codes) and support internal audits. Döhle Philippines partners with internationally recognized certifying bodies with wide expertise in shipping business to maintain in the highest standard across the company's operation and support units.

We also draw on our continued growth and success is linked to our colleagues’ ability under ethical guidelines that have gotten us to this point. Thus we have a harmonized Quality Management System, a fully integrated system and electronically documented to provide stringent guidelines to be followed by each Department. This is regularly reviewed by the Company’s internal auditors and Management Committee.


Securing also ISO-9001:9008 & MLC 2006 Certifications, represents further reassurance for our customers that we work according to high quality standards. DSPC is continuously working to comply with other international standards including ISM codes to have Documents of Compliance for Flag States as mandated by Top Management to promote conformity and consistency in how we do business, making it easier for customers to work with us. As part of our commitment to our seafarers, DSPC just passed the MLC 2006 Certification this year.

Fostering “Safety First” policy of the Group will be applied by Döhle Philippines to continuously provide excellent results based on international and PD group Standard.

Technical Management         More Information

The Döhle Group is a conglomerate of shipping and shipping-related companies with commercial management of a fleet of over 460 vessels with 160 indirect ownership large container vessels, feeder vessels, bulk carriers, multi-purpose vessels and coasters. Döhle provides a full technical management service for its own vessels and clients' vessels.


Döhle Shipmanagement Phils. Corp. as the hub of its operations in Asia provides Technical Management providing, cost efficient management services from Manila, the heart of Asia.


By doing business with DSPC you will have the security of dealing with a company that meets international ISO Standards. Döhle Shipmanagement Phil. Corp. has its own Safety and Compliance Department to ensure ISO 9001: 2008 Compliance. DSPC partners with internationally recognized certifying body within the highest standard across the company’s operational and support units.


We offer the following services:


• Investigation of Incidents

• Shipping Asset Management

Full Technical Services

• Logistics Procurement Solutions

• Supply of spare parts, lube oils and stores for owners

• Sale and purchase inspections



• Dockings

• Repairs

• New building and conversions




• Services

Planned maintenance


Conversions & special projects



Lubricating oil supply and condition monitoring

Dry-dock and upgrading







We believe in cost efficient ship management. We strive to sustain our goal of providing a highest standard of services to our customers.